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Eve Kelsey
Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist

EFT Practitioner
EMDR Practitioner
Clinical Hypnotherapist

Eve's approach is about making change possible. She specialises in treating people with alcohol issues including anxiety and coping with emotional and physical pain in everyday life.

She uses her knowledge to safely get you to where you want to go by the shortest route possible. She has helped many people to get free from alcohol drinking or helped them to take back control of drinking alcohol.
"I see more and more men and women every month for alcohol. They begin to recognise they have become dependent on alcohol. Whether it's drinking 1 bottle of wine each night or drinking spirits, they realise they can no longer let a day go by without drinking the alcohol."

The effects of over indulgence can be:

  • Feeling hung over and groggy the following day
  • Offending and upsetting people whilst drinking
  • Being aggressive or angry at someone they care about
  • Beeling ashamed of their behaviour
  • Unable to remember much of the night before

Despite this one or several of these consequences, they find themselves unable to stop and take back control from their alcohol habit. For most people it ends up just drinking for the sake of it - it's that time of day when they can close off the day and they treat themselves to a glass of alcohol. The first one or two glasses are nice and then it slips into drinking for the sake of it."
"People need to see quick results without the fear that comes with letting go of an old friend and ally. Many people are fearful of letting go of the alcohol - how are they going to cope? Hypnosis is a great painless way to effect change, quickly and safely."
"Some clients can be sceptical and that's okay. I can appreciate that they find it difficult sometimes to imagine how the hypnosis can be so powerful to achieve this change so quickly. The best way I find is to just let them have the experience and let their mind do all the work. It's better for them to experience it so that they can soon begin to enjoy the benefits. And there are many benefits - some of which they may not have even thought of! It's very rewarding to see people's lives change in the way they want it to happen."
Eve Kelsey works in Tadworth, Surrey, and brings a wide life experience to her work as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, EFT and EMDR Practitioner.
Eve is a fully certified and registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and a full Member of the
British Society of Clinical Hypnosis, a qualified EFT practitioner and qualified EMDR Practitioner and member of the EMDR Association for UK and Northern Ireland. Registered with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council.
She qualified in Clinical Hypnotherapy at the Imperial College of London and with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis.

​If you feel anxious or particularly worried about what's involved, if there is anything you would like to ask, or you would like to make an appointment, you can call Eve in confidence on 01737 842 683 or
email me . I look forward to hearing from you.​​