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How to Control Drinking Programme

More and more men and women are reaching for a glass of wine or beer at the end of the day to find that sense of quick release from the stresses of the day or as a reward.
Over time the alcohol consumption just builds up into a habit.  The habit becomes hard to break and then added to the problem are work pressures, or peer pressures from friends and work colleagues, or emotional / relationship issues.
If you have an alcohol concern then hypnotherapy is a great way to take back control.  So whether you want to stop drinking alcohol altogether or you want to reduce your alcohol habit to a safe limit then hypnotherapy treatment can offer you the solution by changing your drinking behaviour.
It takes a decision and commitment to make changes in your life.

It’s tough to make that commitment to change your life.  It’s not unusual to feel that you need help and support to make a decision.  You are not alone in this and it is alright to ask for help.Lots of people do this and it’s okay to feel it’s hard to reach out to someone like me.
Make It Happen Programme
This is a 6 week programme.  Remember, this is an investment in you – and it is also self-funding because you will be saving money from having no alcohol purchases.
If you are spending an average of £250 a month on alcohol, this programme will pay for itself in less than two months.
Each session in this programme is designed to leave you ambivalent to alcohol and drinking, as well as calm and relaxed in the presence of alcohol.  Change can be rapid.  After the first session I expect to see changes.
Session One:
Your first session is 2 hours in which we do most of the ground work and laying the success foundations.  The objective of the first session is to have you stop drinking alcohol completely for a period of 6 weeks to establish a complete break from drinking alcohol which will help you to take back control again.  We’re using hypnosis to help make the abstinence much easier so that you can experience the change without the fear of loss of alcohol.
Session Two:
The second session is two weeks later and we focus on reinforcing the messages that are effecting the change.
Session Three:
Four weeks later, this session is focused on how you wish your relationship to be with alcohol, either remaining off the alcohol or with controlled drinking.
Session Four:
The fourth session is to be booked within 3 months.  To ensure you are on the right path, there is session to address anything arises from your new life.
Follow up sessions
It’s like having an MOT.  Sometimes it is great to just have a top up session to stay on track with your plans.  This session will help reinforce your new behaviour and tidy up any issues you’ve experienced along the way.
Introduction Session  
You may prefer to see and experience whether this is the programme for you.  A single two hour session will tell you whether you wish to take further action and have a longer lasting result.
Most of my clients prefer the full programme because they seriously want to take back control.
What is your first step?
Your first step is to have a free consultation with me over the phone to find out whether this is the right approach for you.
This is absolutely no obligation if you decide that this is not the right course of action for you right now.
This is your opportunity to find out more about me and the programme.It also gives you the chance to discover whether the time is right for you to make that change.
Ready to take this action now?
If you are ready to make that difference in your life and you are serious about making that change, then call me now on 01737 842 683 or email me to arrange a time for your free initial consultation.

Testimonial:  I am writing this to explain the miracle of Eve Kelsey and her hypnosis treatments and how she helped me save my health, marriage and general life going forward. I can now drink but with control in place that keeps me from going back to the past.  It works!  It really does, but you have got to want it and I did.  Clive M.Hampshire

I look forward to hearing from you.
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