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How to Stop or Control your
Alcohol Drinking Habit using Hypnosis

More and more men and women are reaching for a glass of wine or beer at the end of a day to find that sense of quick release from the stresses of the day or as a reward. Over time the alcohol consumption just builds up into a habit. The habit becomes hard to break and then added to the problem are work pressures, or peer pressures from friends and work colleagues, or emotional / relationship issues.
If you have an alcohol concern then hypnotherapy is a great way to take back control. So whether you want to stop drinking alcohol altogether or you want to reduce your alcohol habit to a safe limit then hypnotherapy treatment can offer you the solution by changing your drinking behaviour.
Testimonial: I am writing this to explain the miracle of Eve Kelsey and her hypnosis treatments and how she helped me save my health, marriage and general life going forward. I can now drink but with control in place that keeps me from going back to the past. It works! It really does, but you have got to want it and I did.

How can hypnotherapy change your drinking behaviour? 
Hypnotherapy is a therapy that uses hypnosis to create changes in behaviour. You are already familiar with hypnosis because hypnosis is a natural trance state which you experience many times during the course of the day - like day dreaming, or driving and not being aware of part of the car journey. 

Hypnosis is just a different state of consciousness which you can enter naturally so that, for therapeutic purposes, beneficial suggestions may be given directly to your unconscious mind.
Hypnosis allows the unconscious mind to open up and become receptive to change. When the mind is in this state it is able to take on positive suggestions, making it easier to change existing patterns and habits. You have created a programme to drink alcohol in the same way you create programmes to drive a car, brush your teeth, or tie up your shoe laces. The drinking behaviour is simply a programme stored in the unconscious part of your mind.

Using hypnosis and hypnotherapy with a qualified clinical hypnotherapist can help change that programme in your unconscious mind. This is done by introducing new positive suggestions discussed during the first session to the mind. This allows you then to create new drinking behaviours - you will only make the changes you want to make.
Each session is designed to leave you ambivalent to alcohol and drinking, as well as calm and relaxed in the presence of alcohol. Change can be rapid. After the first session I expect to see changes.

If you would like an appointment, please call Eve Kelsey on 01737 842 683 at the Surrey Hypnosis Clinic, Tadworth Surrey. Alternatively if you wish to discuss further please call or email me . I look forward to hearing from you.