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Introduction to Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a trance state of relaxation where the body is very relaxed but the mind is active. We all experience a trance state on a daily basis and it occurs naturally, for example when we are day dreaming.

Working with hypnosis is well documented by doctors, dentists and many other leading health professions and its use was approved by the British Medical Association in 1955.

Your conscious mind seems to make all the decisions but this isn't the case. In fact the unconscious mind is responsible for around 90% of what we think, feel and do. In order to change anything it is the unconscious that needs to make the change and this is where hypnosis fits. By working with the unconscious feelings and behaviours we can change the way we do things and take back control.

The role of the conscious mind is to be analytical, judgemental and critical. Through repetition you create habits and patterns which become stored in the unconscious mind so that you don't have to think consciously now but act automatically from the unconscious part of the mind. You are now running a programme - you have programmed yourself such as drinking alcohol in the same way as you drive a car. The drinking habit is just a programme being run.

During normal waking hours, the conscious mind is dominant. However, the greater the emotional stress, the more we become less logical and the unconscious mind becomes dominant. Using hypnosis you can alter or entirely remove fear, anxiety and other emotional problems or behaviours.

Trance is induced by a hypnotherapist's rhythmic voice that guides you to a relaxed state of internal awareness. You hear what is said and you are in control the whole time. The therapist cannot control the client's will but can aid by directing the client's thought processes to develop beneficial suggestions. Whilst being hypnotised the conscious mind calms, it takes a break and the unconscious mind surfaces and can then take on a more active involvement in the thinking process. At this point the unconscious mind is re-educated. At the end of the session you are more relaxed and in control.

Hypnotherapy has been widely researched and proved successful in the treatment of many conditions including alcohol control, stopping smoking, anxiety, phobias, addictions, weight problems, pain, insomnia and high blood pressure. In the hands of qualified, experienced and trustworthy practitioners hypnotherapy is safe and effective.

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