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For many years I have suffered from depression and stress, I had always used alcohol as a way to cope and escape when life became too much for me. Over the last four years my dependence on alcohol had increase and became a real problem that was affecting and threatening to destroy my life, my family and my work. I was stuck in a cycle of depression and felt the only cure or option was a drink to help me though. I decided that I no longer wanted to be ruled by alcohol and tried a number of ways to stop. I went to AA but found group therapy did not work for me, I also had one on one counselling for depression and I had CBT therapy but although the counselling and therapy worked initially for me, I soon slipped back into my cycle after a few weeks. I had heard about hypnosis being used for depression and relaxation decided that it could maybe help me to cure my cycle of depression and help to control my drinking.

I noticed an immediate change following my first appointment, although at times I still felt the need for a drink the urge not to have one became stronger and for the first time in a long time I felt more in control of my life and drinking. I suddenly had my life back and I started to enjoy life again, I also felt very relaxed and calm for weeks after my first appointment and knew that I had finally found a way to help me beat my addiction to alcohol in a way I had never thought possible. I think the most amazing thing about my whole experience is I have not felt the need for a drink for many months now and I have not had any depression either. I would never had believed that life could be so good and I could be so happy and in control of my own life.

I enjoy life now, I have joined the gym and started to tackle many of the things in my life that were causing me pain and stress. My relationship with my children has improved and I feel closer to them now in a way I didn’t feel before. My relationship with my husband and parents which was at breaking point has improved, the trust has returned as well as the laughter and happy times we had before my depression and drinking took hold. I no longer need or want a drink and do not see a point in my life where I will. Four months ago I would never have believe any of this was possible I only saw alcohol and escape as the solution to everything that was causing me pain. I now see that alcohol was the real problem for me and now Hypnosis has released me for my addiction to alcohol I’m getting my life back and my family are getting me back.

Marie J

I contacted Eve via the internet around 3 months ago, due to a drink problem that I had.  With all the stress I had of running my own business I found that I was drinking most nights and excessive amounts, until I could not remember what I had done. This would happen at weekends too, so I decided to seek help, before it ruined my life!

When I saw Eve for the first time, we agreed to have a number of sessions and to stop me from drinking for two months.  I thought if this can work I've cracked it and to my amazement! I have stopped drinking for over four months.  It changed my life.  I am healthier and a better Dad and husband.  This weekend I am doing a triathlon and I would not have stood a chance to do that sort of thing before.

Clive M

Hello Eve, 

Just a quick line to thank you for helping me control and ultimately changing my drinking habit. My want was, and still is well under my control. The desire for a drink is not there and my new habit of not drinking is now the norm. Thank you very Much!  I am converted from a previous skeptic to a preacher of your work!

Just a short note to thank you so much for helping me give up alcohol, you have changed my life, I could not have done it without your hypnotherapy or your support.  My attitude and relationship has totally changed towards drinking, I can now sit in the pub with my husband whilst he's drinking and I'm enjoying my sparking water, really enjoying my sparkling water - not to mention it's taken years off my face and the wine 'belt' has gone - a huge bonus!  I'm nicer to be around and I've saved a fortune in taxis!

Thank you.

Eve.....I do think that what you have done has made a big difference to me. I no longer come in and get a glass of wine, nor do I want to.  I seem to be in control for once, which I haven’t had for such a long time, even my husband has noticed the difference and he is in complete agreement with me over this.